Better outcomes begin with better solutions.

The phrase better outcomes begin with better solutions is exactly how MasVida Health Care Solutions (MVC) conducts business with their customers. Each customer has specific needs, just like each patient has specific needs, which is why finding the best solution possible is so important.

“We want to be that unique partner that can think outside the box in order to create better outcomes for all of our partners,” MasVida Health Care Solutions CEO, Joshua Robertson.

To provide the best outcomes for each partner, it is important to talk to each customer and learn what issues they are having. Two customers might have the same issue, but because of various factors, there might be two very different solutions to that one issue, MasVida Health Care Solutions Vice President of Sales and Clinical Initiatives, Jenny Swain, explains.

The biggest problem facilities are facing right now is staffing, there are not enough employees to meet needs, so MVC’s ability to be flexible is crucial. From the guaranteed same-day delivery through the DMEPro+ and DME Platinum programs, or the comprehensive infection prevention training of our MViP Program, meeting a customer’s needs is not a problem.

Whether the need is mobility and rehab, patient handling, or bed frames and mattresses, the DMEPro+ offers quality equipment, with reliable same-day delivery. Each product comes from a hand-picked supplier to ensure only the best-in-class equipment is used. The DMEPro+ program brings a turn-key approach to the table from the moment order is placed, to when the equipment is ready to be returned.

DME Platinum offers a wide range of rentals from ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and wound therapy. Each of these rental programs not only allows customers to get the equipment they need, it allows them to get it the same day they order it so they don’t have to turn residents away.

The MasVida Infection Prevention Program (MViP) rounds out the program by providing a way for facilities to train their staff on effective infection prevention practices. It is an advanced end-to-end program that offers an online, industry-approved certification course, EPA-approved safer disinfectants, intelligent electrostatic sprayers, complete facility hand hygiene programs, customized floor care programs, and more.

While each of these programs doesn’t solve every single problem that arises, they offer solutions that lead to better outcomes for each facility. Needs vary, whether it is the patient, facility, or location, it is important to take the time to listen and learn what exactly is needed. “One size fits all” doesn’t work in nursing facilities, which is why the better outcomes begin with better solutions approach is such a necessity.

“It’s how you help in any area, it’s listening and learning from what those pains are and providing them a unique solution that best fits their needs,” Swain said.