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Quality DME at an affordable price. Delivered.

Why our DME solutions stand out.

Same-day delivery. Guaranteed.

Never worry if your equipment will deliver when you need it. You'll never have to delay a hospital discharge or turn a patient away. We deliver all of our equipment same-day, guaranteed.

routine maintenance

Routine Maintenance on all Equipment

Maximize your patient outcomes. All equipment you rent from us is routinely maintained to ensure peak performance and minimal issues during operation.

Disinfection Protocol

Robust 3-Step
Disinfection Protocol

We disinfect all equipment after it returns from pick-up, before we load it for delivery, and again at the door of your facility, when we arrive. When you rent with us, you increase the chances your resident stay safe and healthy.

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Safe Patient Handling

Serve your bariatric patients well with quality DME you can trust.

Mobility & Rehab

Get your patients to their ideal outcomes with the best-in-class DME equipment.

Bed Frames & Mattresses

Never turn away a patient again. Get reliable and affordable patient beds and mattresses.

Get reliable and affordable DME delivered same-day. Guaranteed.

We hand-pick our suppliers, so you have the best-in-class equipment.

Our cutting-edge management technology increases operational efficiency and improves your bottom-line.

Consolidate your many vendors to one single point of contact for all your DME.

We provide a turn-key approach from when you place your order to when your done with the equipment and ready for pick-up. Easy. Fast.


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