In-Use Disinfectant Bucket Identified as Source of Contamination in Hospital

According to an article published in Infection Control Today, “Failure to adhere to recommended disinfection protocols and manufacturer’s instructions for use of a hospital-grade disinfectant led to the contamination of high-touch surfaces according to a recent study published in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) by John M. Boyce, MD, and Nancy L. Havill, MT, MHA.

Since high-touch surfaces, including handrails and equipment controls, are among the most contaminated in long-term care facilities, these surfaces must be cleaned regularly and by cleaning manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid spreading pathogens responsible for health care-associated (HAI) infections.”

The importance of having not just a clean, but a disinfected and sanitized environment is essential for the health and safety of your staff, business, and clients.

That’s why MasVida Health Care Solutions created the MasVida Infection Prevention (MViP) program. Covid-19 is of course at the forefront of all our minds when we think of infections and their prevention – but the myriad of other transmittable strains of viruses, bacteria, and diseases that are also present on almost every surface also poses a threat.

Understanding begins with being aware of the different levels of contamination that are being faced, and educating staff members of best practices. Cleaning is a great start and an important first step in infection prevention ensuring the consistent removal of visible soil and other organic matter from objects and surfaces. This means getting everything you can see and perceive to a level that looks unsoiled. However, there is more to this than meets the eye. Tiny microbial life exists everywhere and has varying degrees of difficulty of elimination, which is where disinfection comes in. To disinfect something is to ensure a cleansed surface with significantly reduced organisms, using a higher caliber of product. This makes high-traffic areas considerably safer. However, in high-risk environments with the presence of the vulnerable or elderly population, further measures must be taken to ensure everything is fully disinfected. The highest standard of environmental infection prevention is one that is sanitary. This means routine application of the correct products consistently and thoroughly to rid surfaces of substances, micro-organisms, and spores.

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MasVida Health Care Solutions, an HQAA Accredited company, provides the industry’s only OneSource Environmental Hygiene™ program to post-acute healthcare, urgent care centers, ambulatory surgery centers, and veterinary clinics. OneSource is a customizable and bundled service and equipment approach including basic and advanced DME, enhanced cleaning, surface disinfection, and hand hygiene programs that drive improved outcomes for less.