MasVida MViP: Comprehensive, Evidence-based Infection Prevention Tailored to Your Healthcare Facility

People around the globe die every day from preventable illnesses and infections.

Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAIs) are infections that patients get while receiving treatment for medical or surgical conditions. HAIs occur in all settings of care including hospitals, surgical centers, ambulatory clinics, and nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities. Much of the suffering and death caused by HAIs is needless.

We envision a world where people don’t die from HAIs. Healthcare and non-healthcare sectors can have safer, healthier environments while reducing costs, and improving quality of life.

MasVida’s Infection Prevention suite is a revolutionary approach to help reduce infection and transmission of viruses and bacteria in your healthcare facility. The first and only provider of a comprehensive infection prevention suite called MViP Bronze, MViP Silver, and MViP Gold. MasVida educates, empowers, and enhances your staff’s cleaning, disinfection, and infection prevention programs.

Today when new variants have become an ever-increasing threat to our health and the health of our businesses, end-to-end infection prevention solutions through MViP are designed to keep your environments safe and healthy for your staff and those you serve. This advanced program offers four levels of service and product to accommodate facilities and practices of all sizes.

A key part of infection prevention is educating staff members on the proper cleaning and disinfecting of environmental surfaces and providing them with our Online Infection Prevention Certification Course. This 5-module training course ensures that your facility will not simply be cleaned once but will develop a culture of preventative care through best practices. The MViP Train Health-e course and certification is 100% online, providing an in-depth overview of the principles for preventing the spread of infection. Whether in post-acute settings, schools, public transit, or non-profits, you’ll find our proprietary MViP program and options meet or exceed your expectations.

Our evidence-based program is designed with your facility in mind. MViP Bronze, includes a Comprehensive Training, Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Infection Prevention Program as well as an EX-7000 Electrostatic Sprayer for a more effective disinfectant coverage. “Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces continues to be an effective way to reduce the spread of the virus,” according to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler. “With this guidance, EPA is ensuring offices, schools, and local governments have access to as many effective and approved surface disinfectant products as possible—including those designed to disinfect large indoor spaces.”1

The MasVida team performs an initial baseline facility assessment. Typical evaluations reveal areas where enhancement can help reduce the risk of contamination and transmission of germs between people without adding expense.  MViP Silver contains all the benefits, training, and equipment of Bronze with the valuable addition of the Altra™ Hand Hygiene Program. According to the CDC’s Guidance for Hand Hygiene, “Hand hygiene is an important part of the U.S. response to the international emergence of COVID-19. Practicing hand hygiene, which includes the use of alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) or handwashing, is a simple yet effective way to prevent the spread of pathogens and infections in healthcare settings.”2

Improvement in cleaning and disinfecting can prevent pathogen transmission through our assessment of your specific needs, as well as helping to clarify the roles and responsibilities necessary in your facility. A fully customized Infection Prevention Program for your facility, with all the benefits of MViP Silver and the addition of materials that ensure added protection such as, Altra™ Proportioning System and Altra™ Hard Floor Care Program, is included in the MViP Gold program.

This is the power of MViP.





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