OneSource Free Onsite Assessments

Learn how you can save money while improving the care experience. Schedule your FREE onsite assessment now.

We offer a confidential, no-cost evaluation of your facility to help reduce costs and improve care. Our customizable and bundled services and equipment including, HQAA certified DME, enhanced cleaning, surface disinfection, and hand hygiene programs reduce overhead, eliminate variability, and improve quality, and patient care across the care continuum.

Free Hand Hygiene Assessment

Hand hygiene compliance is the most cost-effective measure for preventing HAIs. Protecting your staff and residents from potentially deadly germs begins with your free assessment.

Free Oxygen Transfill Assessment

We provide uninterrupted oxygen cylinder transfilling and management including monitoring, order placement, in-fill, and safe storage to long-term care facilities.

Free Environmental Cleaning & Disinfecting Assessment

We can help lower infection rates, lower readmission rates, and provide better long-term care resident and staff quality of life. Identify gaps now by scheduling your free assessment.

Free DME Assessment

HQAA certified and CMS approved, we provide the industry’s first and only DME assessment tool. We review your current DME process and equipment usage and help reduce your total costs.

For Immediate Assistance


Our free cost reduction assessment tools can help you provide even better care while decreasing costs. From your provided evaluation and clinical data, our team will generate an assessment and make recommendations for your facilities’ current costs and potential savings.

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