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OneSource Healthcare Equipment Portal

Never worry about your medical equipment again.

As a service to our customers, OneSource Healthcare Equipment Online Portal makes real-time equipment management a reality, easier, convenient, and better.

It becomes your one-stop shop dashboard to get proactive insights and services right from the comfort of your desktop. Our partners with multiple facilities can access all the information needed for each facility in a single, compiled, and online location. OneSource places all necessary information at the touch of your fingers. Real-time interface compiles all billing, rentals, requests, online ordering, request pick-ups, service calls, and more in a single, easily accessible location. Review your account according to your specific needs and stay informed on the status of your equipment by receiving notifications, insights, and personalized reports. Plus, you can connect with your OneSource team, request maintenance, and track service from start to finish with one convenient point of contact.

Easy Connect

Our easy registration gives you immediate access to your dashboard—allowing you to see all rentals, billing, and documentation at a glance.

Better Operational Efficiency

Never worry about your medical equipment sitting around unused. In our easily viewable dashboard, you can see every piece of equipment and to who it is assigned.

Improves Your Financial Performance

With our portal, you’ll be able to avoid unexpected costs, maintain revenue, and maximize your cost per patient.

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Key Benefits & Portal Features


Easily manage equipment anytime, anywhere


Complete visibility and real-time data


One-stop shop


Personalized service support for all your equipment


Convenient 24-hour access




Messaging and communication


Scheduling and ordering


Realtime billing and rental information


Developed for healthcare


What is the MasVida Health Portal?

Our customer portal is an online platform designed for realtime equipment management, offering services such as billing, rentals, requests, online ordering, and service requests in a single, easily accessible location.

How do I register for the portal?

To register, visit this page, and our team will setup an account for you.

How do I login to the portal?
If you already have an account, you can login here. If you do not, you can register here.

What can I do on the portal?

Users can manage medical equipment, review rentals, billing, and documentation, request maintenance, and track services with real-time updates. You can request a demo of our portal and learn more about our rental programs by filling out this form.

Is the portal secure?

Yes, our portal is HIPAAcompliant. Because most of these transactions contain personal health information, we are diligent in adhering to applicable HIPAA regulations.

Can I access the portal anytime?

Yes, the portal provides 24hour access, allowing you to manage your equipment and services anytime, anywhere.


Who can use the MasVida Health Portal?

The portal is designed for both singlehome and multihome operators. Our portal is customizable to your needs, enabling you to manage all your rentals, access transparency, realtime on rent info, and pull reports in moments.

How does the portal improve operational efficiency?

The portal provides complete visibility of equipment, helping to avoid unused items, manage costs, and improve financial performance.