We Keep Healthcare Healthy™

We make healthcare equipment rental simple and facility hygiene better.

We lower costs and raise the quality of care in healthcare by delivering the right medical equipment and facility hygiene solutions to the right place at the right time.

OneSource: Your Single Source for Same-day DME Delivery and Better Facility Hygiene

Better products. Better service. Better outcomes.

Partnering with one provider for your DME and facility hygiene services can result in reduced turnover, higher quality work, and healthier facilities. OneSource integrates DME rental and facility hygiene services and is proven to be more consistent, reliable, and effective, especially with multiple facility locations. With OneSource, we build a service program tailored to your goals to maximize a safer, healthier facility. Learn how you can reduce your operating costs and create safer, sustainable, and healthier facilities.

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We Make Medical Equipment Rental Simple

Same-day delivery. Guaranteed.

With facilities across Texas, we deliver same day, guaranteed. We provide both basic and advanced medical equipment solutions. Our DME Pro+ provides basic DME. Our DME Platinum program includes respiratory, oxygen, NPWT, and wound therapy. Plus, our proprietary portal provides real-time information about billing, rentals, and more. Made for long-term care facilities, your portal is configured to give you access to the right information at the right time by the right team members. The portal puts needed information in front of you in real-time to help you increase care and cut costs.

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Medical Oxygen Therapy →

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Wound Care & Negative Pressure (NPWT) →

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Respiratory Therapy →


Durable Medical Equipment →

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We Make Healthcare Facility Hygiene Better

Keep your facility safe and healthy.

A clean and healthy facility is your first line of defense against germs. We partner with infection preventionists, environmental services, janitorial services, and facility management to ensure the cleanest and healthiest environments possible. We provide a customizable, bundled service approach for hand hygiene, cleaning, odor elimination, and infection prevention to make a healthy difference:


Higher priority on customer service – worry-free support.


Lower pricing: OneSource pools the purchase of our customers to obtain lower prices.


Centralized product value and competitive bidding to provide significant economies of scale reducing administrative costs.


Helps organizations save money – deliver the highest quality healthcare at the most efficient price.


Budget billing: Keeps monthly payments predictable - the same amount, every month, for the length of term.

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OneSource Healthcare Equipment Portal

As a service to our customers, OneSource Healthcare Equipment Portal makes real-time equipment management easier, convenient, and better. It becomes your one-stop shop dashboard to get proactive insights and services right from your desktop 24/7. Our partners with multiple facilities can access all the information needed for each facility in a single, compiled, and online location. OneSource places all necessary information at the touch of your fingers. The real-time interface complies with all billing, rentals, requests, and more in a single, easily accessible location.

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Easy Connect

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Better Operational Efficiency

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Improves Your Financial Performance

Why Choose MasVida Health Care Solutions?

Reliable. Consistent. Trusted.

We make healthcare equipment rental simple and facility hygiene better. We deliver facility solutions that improve the quality of care, reduce expenses, and improve the patient experience.

Lower Pricing

We pool purchases of our customers and negotiate equipment pricing with multiple manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors for the best pricing to obtain lower prices for you.

Lower Admin Costs

Centralized product value and competitive bidding provide significant economies of scale that reduce your administrative costs.

Worry-Free Support

Higher priority on customer service.

Budget Billing

Recurring monthly payments are predictable and manageable – the same amount, every month, for the length of term for better products, better service, and better outcomes.

This is the Power of MasVida Health

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“When all of your DME is completely taken care of, and your entire infection prevention and cleaning program is streamlined, you can execute a lot of other patient-driven solutions.”

-Gary Blake, CEO, Creative Solutions in Healthcare

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