Powerful solutions across the healthcare continuum.

Enriching lives. Empowering excellence.

MasVida means “More Life.” And that’s exactly why we’ve rebranded our company. Together, we have the power to help make the world we live in safer and healthier – we can transform our world. It begins by bringing three of our brands together under one new, powerful parent company. Moving forward together, we are One company. One brand. One voice. MasVida Health™.

We provide solutions to your healthcare problems.

Durable Medical Equipment

MasVida Health Care Solutions

For fast, reliable, affordable medical equipment. We deliver.
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Infection Prevention

MasVida’s MViP Program

MasVida’s MViP provides an expert-backed industry leading program that consistently, effectively, and efficiently cleans and disinfects your space.
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Cleaning and Disinfecting Systems


Powered by EMist, MasVida is committed to providing high-quality, intelligent disinfecting and cleaning products for residential, commercial, and janitorial use at factory direct pricing.
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Healthcare Marketing Solutions

Teleos Marketing

Discover how to position your organization for
better outcomes.
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Durable medical equipment and solutions. We deliver continuity of care.

End-to-end seamless solutions.

Better outcomes begin with better solutions. MasVida Health Care Solutions specializes in the post-acute setting. We use proprietary technology and advanced logistics to enhance operational efficiency, saving time and money. We deliver fast and reliable medical equipment and service solutions that enrich lives and empower excellence.

Healthier spaces.
Healthier people.

Infection prevention and
cleaning solutions that work.

We believe the highest color standard of clean is green. We’re committed to sustainability and environmentally responsible products and services. Whether it’s fleet corporations, non-profits, healthcare facilities, schools, or transportation, you’ll find our corporate Clean & Safe Health-e Program and protocol meet or exceed quality expectations and performance.

Keep it safe.
Keep it healthy.

Healthy begins with EMist.

EMist manufactures the world’s only advanced, smart electrostatic sprayers. EMist’s patented TruElectrostatic™ technology delivers better results more consistently than all other cleaning and disinfecting methods.

Marketing for healthcare.

Teleos is a full-service agency made up of dedicated healthcare marketing experts. We build brands. We create experiences. We develop champions. We get healthcare marketing. If you want to increase ADC, patient volume, or product sales, let’s connect.

What can we help you with?

Durable Medical Equipment

Infection Prevention

Electrostatic Systems

Healthcare Marketing

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