Negative Pressure Rental Program

Delivering Comfortable and More Effective Wound Care for Your Residents

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A Partnership that Promotes Better
Wound Healing in Less Time

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Reduce Your Therapy Days

Our white glove bundled rental solution significantly shorten recovery times and holds us accountable to your days on rent. This not only enhances patient satisfaction but also frees up valuable resources for your facility.

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Strengthen Referral Partners

By providing superior wound healing results you can reduce hospital re-admission. We help you build stronger relationships with referral partners. Improved outcomes lead to increased trust and more consistent referrals, supporting your facility’s growth.

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Flat, Predictable, Bundled Pricing

Our bundled pricing model ensures you have a clear, predictable cost structure, simplifying budget management. This transparent approach helps you optimize financial planning and avoid unexpected expenses.

We offer same-day delivery in the southeast U.S. and next day shipping nation-wide.

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Same-day Delivery Guaranteed.

Never worry about when your medical equipment will arrive. You’ll never have to delay a hospital discharge or turn a patient away. We deliver all of our equipment same-day. guaranteed.

Shipping Next Day + Onsite Consignment Pump

Never worry about delaying or missing a referral again. You will always get the pump when you need it most. Plus, you will always have a consignment pump on-hand for emergency referrals.

Traditional (t)NPWT

xlr8 & uno+

Traditional (t)NPWT

Ideal for wounds greater than 0.3mm in depth

Continuous and variable pressure setting options

Intensity level setting options

FDA approved for both acute and post-acute care

Exclusive Partnership Bundle:

Flat Bundled Pricing

Wound Pump Pre-set

Appropriate Supplies and Accessories Included

Single-use (s)NPWT

genadyne uno & smith/nephew pico

Ideal for shallow wounds and incision lines

Manages low to moderate levels of exudate

Delivers compression-like therapy to the wound, wound margin, and periwound

Canister-free and portable

Exclusive Partnership Bundle (flat PPD rate):

PICO 7, 14, or UNO Single-use NPWT Pump

Various Sized Dressings

One-time Purchase Cost

genadyne uno & smith/nephew pico

How our Negative Pressure program stacks up to our competitors:

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Let us help you reduce your therapy days with our white glove NPWT rental program. This will reduce your costs, and provide your patients with more effective and comfortable care.