Delivering Comfortable and More Effective Wound Care for Your Residents

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A Partnership that Promotes Better
Wound Healing in Less Time

This new partnership can improve your clinical outcomes, facilitate timely discharges to increase referral source partnerships, reduce re-admissions, and provide an economical bundled solution to optimize revenue opportunities for your facility.

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Clinical Advantage

Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) is used to heal a wide variety of complex wounds. Our team provides clinical oversight, managing NPWT utilization to increase outcomes and reduce costs.


Community Advantage

NPWT systems allow patients to be discharged from the hospital with the NPWT pump, strengthening the partnership with referral relationships. The patient and their families are more comfortable, enhancing community value and patient quality of life.

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Flat Rate PPD

Our partnership offers a bundled flat fee or PPD rate. The enhanced clinical support and training reduces consumable waste, streamlines dressing changes to decrease labor cost, and with additional support coupled with the dedicated NPWT portal, reduces utilization days.

We offer same-day delivery in Texas and next day shipping nation-wide

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Same-day Delivery Guaranteed.

Never worry about when your medical equipment will arrive. You’ll never have to delay a hospital discharge or turn a patient away. We deliver all of our equipment some-day. guaranteed.

Shipping Next Day + Onsite Consignment Pump

Never worry about delaying or missing a referral again. You will always get the pump when you need it most. Plus, you will always have a consignment pump on-hand for emergency referrals.

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Traditional (t)NPWT

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Ideal for wounds greater than 0.3mm in depth

Continuous and variable pressure setting options

Intensity level setting options

FDA approved for both acute and post-acute care

Exclusive Partnership Bundle (flat PPD rate):

XLR8+ Negative Pressure Wound Pump

3 Foam Kits

2 Canisters

Single-use (s)NPWT


Ideal for shallow wounds and incision lines

Manages low to moderate levels of exudate
Delivers compression-like therapy to the wound, wound margin, and periwound

Canister-free and portable, which can help improve patient mobility and increase satisfaction rates

Exclusive Partnership Bundle (flat PPD rate):

PICO 7 or 14 Single-use NPWT Pump

Various Sized Dressings


Robust Disinfection Protocol

Our equipment arrives ready for use and is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All returned equipment is sanitized and disinfected, to ensure that it is ready for immediate use upon arrival at your facility.


Routine Maintenance

To maximize the best patient experience, we routinely maintain equipment to ensure peak performance and reduce issues during operation.


Bundled Rentals + Supplies

Get great, affordable rates when you bundle your supplies with your medical equipment rentals. Your staff will always have what they need, when they need it, to get the best outcomes.