Comprehensive Training, Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Infection Prevention Program

MasVida Health Care Solutions provides a suite of basic and specialized DME, advanced electrostatic sprayers, and safer disinfectants, an end-to-end infection prevention system, training, and service options tailored to your facility type and size.

The MViP Bronze Program Includes:

Online Infection Prevention Certification Course

EX-7000 Electrostatic Sprayer

EPA-Approved Cleaning and Disinfecting Tablets

Microfiber Kit

Online Infection Prevention Certification Course

Learn best practices for IPC protocol - proper cleaning and disinfection

On demand - learn at your own pace

Created by industry experts

Show customers, guests, clients, or employees your commitment to health and safety

Get immediate access to your certificate

EMist EX-7000 Electrostatic Sprayer

The Most Advanced Disinfectant Sprayer in the World

44,300 high touch point sq. ft. coverage

Patented. Proven. Trusted.

Best performing positively charged sprayer

Cordless, lightweight, ergonomic

User safe at 75-micron droplet size

Smart technology – adjusts polarity – grounding is never an issue

35% decrease in labor costs

45% decrease in chemical costs

75% faster application

EPA-Approved Cleaning and Disinfecting Tablets

Altra™ Cleaning/Disinfecting Tablets

Broad spectrum cleaner and disinfectant

Contains no peroxyacetic acid or bleach

Disinfects while it cleans

pH Neutral

Mild odor

Formulated to disinfect and clean washable hard, non-porous surfaces

Compact tablets maximize storage space

PURTABS™ Disinfecting Tablets

Broad spectrum disinfectant to be applied using the EMist electrostatic sprayer

Convenient tablets that dissolve in tap water

Eliminates odors, cost effective and sustainable

Kills C. diff, C. auris, Norovirus, MRSA, Cold & Flu virus, and SARS CoV-2 (Covid-19)

Neutral pH: not caustic or corrosive to surfaces

NFPA rating 0,0,0 for Use Dilution

Microfiber Kit

Microfiber towels

Mixing containers

Spray bottles

Equipment Guarantee, Training, and 24/7 Concierge Service

Virtual or on-site staff training

24/7 concierge service


For Immediate Assistance

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Download our MViP Guide.

Get access to our MViP Guide PDF now.

Provide your staff with infection prevention and control education and training.

Keep your facility open with confidence knowing that your team understands proper cleaning and disinfection procedures and best work practices.

Show customers, guests, clients or employees your commitment to health and safety.