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MasVida’s Infection Prevention Program (MViP) is the first and only end-to-end IP solution designed to keep environments safe and healthy. MViP is an advanced program offering our online industry-approved certification course, EPA-approved safer disinfectants, intelligent electrostatic sprayers powered by EMist, complete facility hand hygiene programs, customized floor care programs, and more. MViP is designed for healthcare and Jan/San professionals who are committed to providing safer, healthier spaces.

MasVida Infection Prevention Program

Serving healthcare for nearly 25 years.

We believe the highest color standard of clean is green. We’re committed to sustainability and environmentally responsible products and services. Whether for skilled nursing facilities or fleet corporations, schools or public transportation, you’ll find our MViP solutions safer, better, and more cost-effective.

Four Simple Steps to Better Infection Prevention and Control

Step 1: Engage

We can help you assess your environment needs, help clarify roles and responsibilities, identify levels of risk for different areas of your facility, guide you in process-oriented requirements, and establish an infection prevention program that suits your facility’s needs.

Step 2: Educate

Our Health-e Certification Program

Online infection prevention certification course

Learn best practices for IPC protocol - proper cleaning and disinfection

On demand - learn at your own pace

Created by industry experts

Show customers, guests, clients, or employees your commitment to health and safety

Get immediate access to your certificate

$79 for single user certification

Step 3: Execute

Three MViP Packages to Choose From


Electrostatic Sprayer and Chemical Bundle


EMist EX-7000 TruElectrostatic Backpack Sprayer


Altra™ Tablet & Purtabs chemical with 2.5-gallon mixing containers


Microfiber towels & 32 oz spray bottles


Equipment guarantee


Staff training


24/7 concierge service


Altra™ Hand Hygiene Program - a complete facility hand hygiene program with hand wash & hand sanitizing products:


Full line of effective hand hygiene products and dispensers trusted by hospitals


Onsite installation by certified MasVida team


Education, awareness, and behavior modification tools


Training by the Altra team


Altra™ Proportioning Program


Super concentrated chemistry with the Altra Lite Floor care applicator system.


Includes: Altra enclosed dilution system, Altra Disinfecting Tablets, Altra Glass Cleaner, Altra Multi Purpose HP Cleaner, Altra Odor Counteractant, Altra Tub, Tile, & Bowl, and Altra Muscle Cleaner.

Professional Marketing Toolkit

Step 4: Evaluate

Set up routine quality control measures using our optional MViP Bonafide software:

Track and manage the spread of infection

Contamination analytics by facility, department, and even rooms

Meets and exceeds CMS and CDC guidelines

Reduces financial and admin burdens

Simple, easy to understand dashboard

Assess cleanliness

Infection visualization

Floorplan feature displays your entire facility

Seamless implementation

Interactive training

On-demand supplies

Additional Optional Solutions:

Can be added to our MViP Packages

Altra™ Floor Care Program: a complete, facility specific, customized floor care program designed to increase efficiency, produce excellent results, and save you money.

  • Alcohol resistant antimicrobial floor finish and low odor floor stripper that provides clarity, durability, and repairability reducing wet work frequency.

Altra™ Liner Program with standardization of new trash cans throughout your facility for a green solution reducing plastic waste.

Altra™ ONE Disinfecting Wipes - One minute broad spectrum disinfecting wipe with superior surface compatibility.

Bonafide™ ATP Infection Prevention Tracking and Evaluation System

MViP Program Overview PDF thumbnail

Download our MViP Guide.

Get access to our MViP Guide PDF now.

Provide your staff with infection prevention and control education and training.

Keep your facility open with confidence knowing that your team understands proper cleaning and disinfection procedures and best work practices.

Show customers, guests, clients or employees your commitment to health and safety.


Download our MViP Guide.

Keep your residents safe and healthy with a robust infection prevention program. Give your staff the tools they need to create an effective cleaning and disinfection protocol for your facility. Download our free guide today.

MViP Program Overview PDF thumbnail

Professional Marketing Toolkit: Show your patients, residents, families, staff or customers you care about their safety and health.

When you purchase our MViP Gold program you also receive our comprehensive marketing toolkit.

Build Awareness of Your Commitment to Clean & Healthy

Includes professionally created, downloadable resources including: Poster, table tent, door hanger, window decal, rack card, and more.

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