Comprehensive Environmental Hygiene Solutions that Drive Improved Outcomes for Less.

As an HQAA Accredited company, MasVida Health Care provides the industry’s only OneSource Environmental Hygiene™ program. OneSource is a customizable and bundled service and equipment approach including enhanced cleaning, surface disinfection, and hand hygiene programs that drive improved outcomes for less.

We’re committed to keeping environments safer and healthier. MasVida Health Care Solutions (formerly known as JMeds) has served post-acute facilities for nearly 25-years. As we all know, the fight against deadly pathogens has never been more important. We’re the first and only provider of MViP Train, an industry-approved infection prevention online certification course, and a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting suite: MViP Bronze, MViP Silver, and MViP Gold. These end-to-end programs help create safer and healthier environments.

When you select one of our MViP bundles, you get training, cleaning, disinfecting, and infection prevention in one package for one low monthly price. We offer a variety of bundle options, so you can choose a package with different levels of services, greater or fewer applications, and higher or lower levels of infection prevention – whatever best suits your facility and budget. Experience all these benefits with a service bundle from MasVida Health Care Solutions.

Why should you choose a MasVida MViP bundle?

Consolidation and savings

The biggest advantage of our MViP bundle is the money you’ll save. Paying for each service individually can add up quickly. Typically, purchasing a single, standalone service will cost nearly as much as a bundle that offers more solutions.

Convenience and simplicity

Paying several individual vendors each month is time consuming and a hassle. When you have services from multiple vendors, they’ll each need a monthly check. With a MViP bundle, there’s just one payment to make for all your services. Also, if you want to upgrade your bundled options, need technical support or training, or are planning to add additional service locations, you make one call to one provider to have the issues resolved.

Exclusive healthcare products

MasVida is the exclusive provider of Altra hygiene products specifically for healthcare. Altra is only available as a component of our MViP bundled offerings.

Online infection prevention
certification course.

The MViP Train course and certification is a 100% online, 5 module course providing an in-depth overview of the principles for preventing the spread of infection.

Learn best practices for IPC protocol - proper cleaning and disinfection

On demand - learn at your own pace

Created by industry experts

Show customers, guests, clients, or employees your commitment to health and safety

Get immediate access to your certificate

Comprehensive training, cleaning, disinfecting, and infection prevention program.

Online Infection Prevention Certification Course

EMist EX-7000 Electrostatic Sprayer

EPA-Approved Cleaning and Disinfecting Tablets

Microfiber Kit

A holistic approach to safeguard your environment. Customized solutions to meet your needs.

MViP Bronze Program

Altra™ Hand Hygiene Program

Comprehensive, customized infection prevention program to reduce the risk of contamination and transmission of germs in your facility.

MViP Silver Program
Altra™ Proportioning System

Altra™ Hard Floor Care Program

MViP Program Overview PDF thumbnail

Download our MViP Guide.

Get access to our MViP Guide PDF now.

Provide your staff with infection prevention and control education and training.

Keep your facility open with confidence knowing that your team understands proper cleaning and disinfection procedures and best work practices.

Show customers, guests, clients or employees your commitment to health and safety.

Professional marketing toolkit: Show your patients, residents, families, staff or customers you care about their safety and health.

Included with our MViP Gold program.

Build Awareness of Your Commitment to Clean & Healthy

Includes professionally created, downloadable resources including: Poster, table tent, door hanger, window decal, rack card, and more.


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