Reduce Costs. Improve Care.

Free DME Assessment

Reducing costs while improving care in today’s ever-changing market is paramount. How do we help you reduce costs without sacrificing patient/resident satisfaction? We provide a OneSource Solution – standardized and bundled contracts from one source that reduces overhead, eliminates variability, improves quality and positively impacts resident satisfaction. As Creative Solutions in Healthcare discovered, having a single partner leads to lower costs and increased resident satisfaction. Our free cost reduction assessment tools can help you provide even better care while decreasing costs. Based on your evaluation and the clinical data you provide, our team will generate an assessment and make recommendations for you to consider showing your facilities’ current costs and potential savings. 

Learn How to Stay CMS Compliant

Are F-880 tags costing you money? We can help you identify ways to improve compliance and remove costly regulatory fees.

Identify Huge Cost Saving Measures

By consolidating your multiple DME vendors into one you have great opportunity for big cost saving measures.

See How Same-Day Delivery Can Improve Care

Slow and inconsistent delivery could be mitigating the quality of care you can provide. We assess the potential for increased outcomes if you were able to guarantee same-day deliveries for your DME.

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