Restorix’s New Single Use
Negative Pressure Wound
Therapy Solution

Powered by MasVida Health and PICO Technology

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Restorix’s New Single Use
Negative Pressure Wound
Therapy Solution

Powered by MasVida Health and PICO Technology


Delivering comfortable and more effective wound care for your residents.

Advanced Wound Care: A Partnership that
Promotes Wound Healing in Less Time

This new partnership can improve your clinical outcomes, facilitate timely discharges to increase referral source partnerships, reduce re-admissions, and provide an economical bundled solution to optimize revenue opportunities for your facility.

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Clinical Advantage

Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) is used to heal a wide variety of complex wounds. Restorix provides clinical oversight, managing NPWT utilization to increase outcomes and reduce costs. MasVida Health will act as the distributor and supplier of the PICO single use sNPWT system.


Community Advantage

NPWT systems allow patients to be discharged from the hospital with the NPWT pump, strengthening the partnership with referral relationships. The patient and their families are more comfortable, enhancing community value and patient quality of life.

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Economic Advantage

Our partnership offers a bundled flat rate per day. The enhanced clinical support and training reduces consumable waste, streamlines dressing changes to decrease labor costs, and with additional support coupled with the dedicated NPWT portal, reduces utilization days.

Better Solutions. Faster Delivery. Improved Outcomes.  

Simple. Transparent. Easy. Bundled solution for one low rate.

Order supplies as needed. Typically, shipped same day!

Faster healing. Better outcomes.

Leading the Industry in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

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What makes PICO unique

PICO sNPWT features an exclusive mode of action that enables delivery of negative pressure wound therapy across the entire dressing to the wound or incision and periwound, while simultaneously removing exudate.

For high-risk surgical incisions, PICO:

Protects the incision from external contamination

Helps hold incisions together, reducing lateral tensile forces across the incision

Helps to increase the activity of the lymphatic system in deep tissue via reduction in wound fluid

For complex open wounds, PICO:

Protects the wound from external contamination

Improves wound contraction

Assists in stimulation of granulation tissue formation

Promotes changes in blood flow, and the formation of new blood vessels

Manages up to 300mL of exudate

As compared to standard dressings, PICO has been shown to help:


Reduce the risk of surgical site infections

hospital readmission

Hospital re‑admission


Improve wound closure rates

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Increase patient satisfaction rates

Fewer Complication. More Convenience.

PICO sNPWT features a portable, canister-free design that has been shown to increase patient satisfaction rates across the clinical spectrum:

May improve scar quality

Portable system allows patients the freedom to continue daily activities

Gentle silicone adhesive makes application and removal easy while minimizing pain

Waterproof dressing, allowing patients the ability to shower

Quiet system better enables patients to sleep


Length of stay was significantly reduced in closed laparotomy procedures


A suitable alternative to tNPWT for more than 88% of wounds treated in long-term care facilities, enabling cost savings of up to $91/day

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