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Introduction to Genadyne XLR8+ | Traditional NPWT

Overview of the Genadyne UNO+ | Traditional NPWT

Overview of the Smith & Nephew PICO | Single-Use NPWT

Introduction to Effective Wound Care

Genadyne XLR8+ Guides

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Program Overview

quick reference guide genadyne xlr8/xlr8 plus resource npwt

Quick Reference Guide

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Competency Checklist

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Troubleshooting Guide

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Application Guide

application guide resource toolkit npwt

Clinical Guidelines

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Wound Pump Comparison Sheets

PICO Guides

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Improve Care

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PICO Design

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Open Wounds

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Ortho Surgery

Enhance Surgical Incision Care with PICO System: A Comprehensive Guide"</p>
<p>Discover the power of PICO System in reducing superficial and deep incisional surgical site infections (SSIs) for high-risk patients with closed surgical incisions. This PDF guide offers evidence-based insights on using PICO Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System for Class I and Class II wounds, post-operative seroma, and dehiscence management. With clinical case studies and meta-analysis results, learn how PICO sNPWT significantly reduces the risk of SSIs and aids in faster wound healing across various surgical indications. Download the guide for expert tips and effective wound treatment plans for abdominal/C-section, breast, colorectal, hip/knee, calcaneal, and coronary artery bypass graft surgeries. Explore the innovative PICO dressing technology that treats not only the incision but also the surrounding tissue, promoting better healing outcomes. Improve post-operative care with the PICO System – download now

Closed Surgical Incisions

Discover the OneNPWT clinical decision tree for effectively managing open wounds. This PDF guide presents a step-by-step algorithm to determine the most suitable PICO Dressing and NPWT filler based on wound characteristics, exudate levels, and depth. Learn how to optimize NPWT benefits with AIRLOCK◊ Technology, and select the appropriate wound fillers - gauze or foam - for varying wound types. Enhance your wound care practices with insights on simple application, pain-free removal, and antimicrobial properties. Ideal for clinical teams seeking efficient and effective NPWT solutions. Download the PDF now!

OneNPWT Clinical Decision Tree for Open Wounds

PICO sNPWT Application with a Foam Filler

PICO sNPWT Application with a Gauze Filler

How to apply a PICO 7 sNPWT on a Surgically Closed Incision on the Knee