MasVida Infection Prevention and Control (MViP)

We Make Healthcare Facility Hygiene Better

All-in-one IPC solution: MViP provides everything you need for infection prevention and cleaning, keeping your space healthy for everyone.
Save money with bundles: Choose the products you need and enjoy discounts by bundling them together in a predictable subscription plan.
Easy to use products: Our high-quality hygiene products easily fit into your daily cleaning routines, making your facility cleaner and safer every day.

We Make Healthcare Facility Hygiene Better™

We deliver value while reducing costs.

Most healthcare providers are familiar with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs). The key reason for being a member of a GPO is to save money. OneSource Healthcare Solutions work like a GPO – we help save money while improving the care experience through our value-added services. We provide a customizable, bundled service approach for hand hygiene, cleaning, odor elimination, and infection prevention.

Facility Hygiene Programs:

floor care

Keep Your Residents and Staff Safe and Healthy

One Disinfecting Wipes

Altra One Disinfecting Wipes are intended for use on hard non-porous surfaces in hospitals and healthcare settings and will not harm most surfaces.

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Disinfecting Tablets

These easy-to-use tablets effective against biofilm and C. Diff in 4 minutes and does not contain bleach or PAA.

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EMist EX 7000 Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

The EX7000 is 51% lighter than other backpack electrostatic disinfectant sprayers, cordless, and easy to operate.

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Dynamic, Robust, and Effective Cleaning Solutions

Proportioning System

The Altra Proportioning System is designed for Environmental Services (EVS) personnel and the challenges they face in healthcare facilities. Our proportioning systems are user-friendly and cost-effective for all healthcare facilities with economically and ecologically friendly products.

Suite of Cleaning Products

Altra Cleaners do not contain potentially hazardous ingredients including butyl, solvents, and alcohol bases. Altra’s sustainable cleaning program can be customized to fit your needs, including space, cost, and security requirements.

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Odor Elimination

Altra Odor Counteractant is a true “on contact” odor killer. When sprayed directly onto the source, Altra Odor Counteractant reacts with odor-causing material, neutralizing it. Partnered with the EX7000, you can quickly eliminate unwanted odors throughout your entire facility.

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Hand Hygiene Products People Want to Use

Hand Wash and Sanitizing Dispensers

Altra dispensers have large sight windows for checking product levels, are available with hidden locks or keyed, and may be customized with your logo, message, and color.

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Suite of Hand Hygiene Products

Our line of foaming and waterless hand sanitizer and hand washes dries quickly, keeps hands hydrated, and leaves no sticky residue

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ABMS: Altra Behavior Modification System

The ABMS is a set of unique placards and signs with messages designed to inspire and maximize hand hygiene practices.

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Proven to Standardize Floor Care and Increase Efficiency

proportioning system

Lite Floor Applicator

Compatible with Altra proportioning systems, the Altra Lite Applicator promotes efficiency and reduces worker fatigue with its ergonomic design

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product suite

Suite of Floor Care Products

A floor care program that inhibits bacteria growth on floors and combats all forms of wear and tear can help keep your facility cleaner and looking its best.

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oor counteractant

Altra Preserve

Altra Preserve is a strip-free floor coating formulated to extend the life of specialty flooring, including LVT. It protects the floor, creating a soft, more natural look.

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OneSource Healthcare Equipment Portal

As a service to our customers, OneSource Healthcare Equipment Portal makes real-time equipment management easier, convenient, and better. It becomes your one-stop shop dashboard to get proactive insights and services; right from your desktop 24/7. Our partners with multiple facilities can access all the information needed for each facility in a single, compiled, and online location. OneSource places all necessary information at the touch of your fingers. The real-time interface complies with all billing, rentals, requests, and more in a single, easily accessible location.

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Easy Connect

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Better Operational Efficiency

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Improves Your Financial Performance